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Create a Product

1. πŸ‘† Click "Add New Product"

2. ✍️ ️ Fill the identifying fields.

3. ✍️ ️ Add any formatted comment about it (this will be the first note on the "Comments" section of the product)

4. πŸ‘† Click "Save"

5. πŸ₯³ The product has now been created with an empty formulation in the system. Usually you would want to add a formulation for it and the system leads you directly to the "Edit formulation" screen

6. πŸ‘† Add the constituents that are part of the product clicking on the βž• icon on the left of them. Once added you can write the percentage of the constituent in the product


You can filter the constituent table with the headers to find them easily (by name, by CAS number, etc)

7. πŸ‘† Once you have finished to add the constituents and their percentages (they will usually sum up 100 but it is not compulsory) click "Save"

8. πŸ₯³The product has now been created with the whole formulation