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Add a Product Version

1. From the "Search Products" screen, open the product for which you want to create a version (in this case "Alvanco XT Cleaner")

2. 👆 Click "Versioning". Please note versions only make sense for products which change formulation as that is essentially what we are gong to version (with the current contacts associated to the product).

3. 👆 Click "Create New Version"

4. ✍️ ️Fill the fields of the form. In the first version be sure to select a date old enough to cover all your stewardship purposes.

5. 👆 Click "Save"

6. 🥳 The first product version has now been created. It only makes sense if there is a second version of the product with a different formualtion, so let's create the second one.

7. 👆 In the version dropdown be sure to select the Sandbox option. Versions are snapshots of formulations and contacts that cannot be directly edited so if we have to change something we need to select the editable option, the sandbox, which is what is used to create any new version.

8. 👆 Click "Identity" ➡️ "Constituents" ➡️"Update and/or add constituents" to prepare a new formulation

9. ✍️ ️ Edit the formulation changing percentages or adding or removing constituents and then click "Save".

10. 👆 Once we have the new formulation go to "Versioning" and click on "Create New Version"

11. ✍️ ️ Fill the form fields with the information of the second version of the product (the start date is going to be newer than the previous one)

12. Click "Save"

13. 🥳 The second version of the product has now been created and reflects the change in the formulation