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Dashboard - General

1. 👆Hover over the partition name in the top right corner to switch partitions. Partitions are separate sections of Active Steward where you can store siloed data.

2. Use the navigation bar at the top of the screen to 👆navigate to the different areas of Active Steward. For example, 👆click "Search Products"

4. News items can be viewed from the dashboard. 👆Click "View all documents flagged as news" to view all news documents.

5. The calendar can be viewed and edited from the dashboard. 👆Click "Add new" to add a new calendar item.

6. 👆Click the "Start Date" field.

7. 👆Select the start date of the calendar item.

8. 👆Select the end date.

9. 👆Click the "Description" field and enter the description.

10. 👆Click "Submit"

11. Use the dropdown on the right to 👆switch RSS feeds.

13. 👆Click here to view any notifications.

14. 👆Click here to view the help.

15. 👆Click here to view settings

16. 👆Click here to view the user profile. 🥳The tour of the dashboard is now complete.