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Create a Constituent

1. ๐Ÿ‘† "Add New Constituent"


The only mandatory fields are
โ• Constituent name (free text)
โ• Constituent type (set within the system allowing for specific actions)
Active Ingredient - Article - Blend - Co-formulant - Mixture - Monomer - Polymer - Substance - Unspecified


Entering text into the Chemicals Identifiers looks up to the EC inventory and TSCA inventory to autocomplete.
When the name, CAS No. or EC No. has been selected use "Update Constituent name" if you want to use this as the Constituent identifier in the database

2. If available, enter a chemical identifier

3. ๐Ÿ‘‰Enter a constituent name (see Tip) and select the type.

4. IUPAC name can be added

This and other other identifiers can be added once the consistent record is created.

5. Additional Information Text here is displayed on the Constituent comments tab, where it can be viewed, edited and added to

6. Save the entry

7. New Constituent record opens


For mixtures, blends and formulations, add further detail through Substance record - Identities - Sub-constituents. The process is the same as for Products.