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Free and Open Source Technologies and Licenses Used by Active Steward

The Active Steward application/service uses the open-source technologies/projects listed below.

  • Hibernate (under either the LGPL 2.1 or the ASL 2.0)
  • Java (GPL v2)
  • JQuery (JS Foundation MIT License) - JQuery Licenses on GitHub
  • JQuery Plugins (MIT License and GPL) - Active Steward uses various JQuery plugins, updated and changed from time to time. These are licensed under the MIT License accompanying JQuery and a list of current plugins is available on request.
  • JSTree (MIT license)
  • AutoNumeric (MIT license)
  • DataTables (MIT license)
  • Liquibase (Apache License v2)
  • Maven (Apache License v2)
  • Tomcat (Apache License Version 2)
  • PostgreSQL (PostgreSQL License)
  • Puppet (Apache License v2)
  • Raphael (MIT License)
  • Select2 (MIT license)
  • Lodash (MIT license)
  • TinyMCE (MIT license)
  • Spring and Spring Boot (Apache License v2)
  • MkDocs (BSD license)
  • Ubuntu Server (Various Licenses)

Projects used only in development are not listed. No obligation exists to list these and the list would quickly become out of date. However we are happy to discuss our development and build tools. We believe we should actively engage in the FOSS community from which we benefit.

Past Tools

These tools may appear in legacy versions of Active Steward, such as backups, talks and presentations.

  • Payara (Common Development and Distribution License and The GNU General Public License** (GPL) Version 2) - Payara Licenses on Github