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Reports - Generating a DRC


There are several prerequisites before sending a DRC. The registration information for the top-level constituents of the products must be complete. There must also be an entity linked (type; Downstream user, Importer of Record, Non-EU Distributor or Indirect Importer of Record) with a contact.


The appearance of DRCs can be customised to your organisation. Please contact for more information.

1. πŸ‘† Navigate to Email πŸ‘‰ Wizards πŸ‘‰"Declaration of REACH Conformity"

3. πŸ‘† Click "Next"

4. πŸ‘† Select a contact.

5. πŸ‘† Click "Next"

6. ✍ Enter any text into the body of the email, and then πŸ‘†click "Send"

7. πŸ₯³ The DRC has been sent and the status can be viewed on the Product πŸ‘‰ Regulatory tab.