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Add New User


πŸ‘‰ Users can only be added by users with the correct system permissions e.g. an Administrator.
πŸ‘‰ Permissions are set in the different User Roles
πŸ‘‰ Roles re allocated to users in the "Add New User" process
πŸ‘‰ A Users role Roles can be changed in - Users - List All Users - and selecting the specific user
πŸ‘‰ User Roles are added and edited via

1. πŸ‘† Click "Add New User"

2. ✍️ ️Complete the fields of the form


Users need a "User" role. The password needs to have at least 8 characters.

3. πŸ‘† Click the "Active?" checkbox to activate straight away.


You can activate the user afterwards editing the user from the user list menu

4. πŸ‘† Click "Add"

5. πŸ₯³ The user is now created. If it is active he can log into Active Steward immediately.


Usually you will want to click on "Send "Reset password" email" to create a new temporary password that will be sent to the user email address so that he changes it with one chosen by him after his first login.