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Compare IUCLID Documents

1. 👆 Select "Documents"

2. 👆 Select the IUCLID document you wish to compare

3. 👆 Click "Compare To..."

4. 👆 Click, to select the other (typically older) IUCLID document

5. 👆 Click "Select"


To get the desired result, you should only compare IUCLID documents with the same IUCLID UUID numbers

6. 🥳 Your 2 IUCLID documents are now being compared


The table of content will highlight records that have been added (green), removed (red) or edited (yellow)

7. 👆 Click chevrons to expand/collapse the table of contents

8. 👆 Click an IUCLID record to view it's content and changes

9. 🥳 Changes in the IUCLID records are highlighted where data was added (green) and removed (red)


Use the toolbar for inline help and accessibility settings

10. 👆 Click "Print" to export the changes to a PDF file

11. When ready, click "Stop Comparing"