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Store (& Comment on) an IUCLID Comparison

1. 🔍 From the constituent list, find the constituent your IUCLID relates to

2. 👆 Click "IUCLID"

3. Click "New Comparison Group"

4. ✍ Complete the form, selecting the initial IUCLID document

5. 👆 Click "Save"

6. 🥳 You are now tracking comparisons and can begin commenting

7. 👆 When your new/updated IUCLID document is available, and you are ready to compare it, click "Edit"

8. ✍ Select the new/updated IUCLID document via the "Select Document" button


If the IUCLID document was exported in a different working context than you desire, you can override it here

9. 👆 Click "Save"

10. 🥳 The new IUCLID document is stored alongside the previous (older) one

11. 👆 Click "Viewer", to view your comparison

12. 🥳 Your documents comparison opens directly in the application

13. 👆 To make a comment, click "Add Comment"

14. ✍ Write a comment and click "Save"

15. 🥳 The comment is saved and appears alongside the IUCLID record


To comment on a specific section of the IUCLID record, you can hover over it and click the speech bubble icon. An interactive link to that section will appear in your comment


This comparison can be shared to external contacts via 'Campaigns'. You can prevent comments appearing in campaigns using the "Hide in Campaigns" checkbox